In Collision With


When 2015-12-25 23:47:00
Police attended? yes
Solar elevation -62° (night)
Light conditions Darkness - lights lit
Weather Fine no high winds
Road type Roundabout
Pedestrian crossing (human)? None within 50 metres
Junction? Roundabout
Give way or uncontrolled
Severity fatal
Involved 1 vehicle, and 2 casualties
Carriageway hazards None
Special conditions at site None
Speed limit 40 mph
Pedestrian crossing (physical)? No physical crossing facilities within 50 metres
Type Detail People
1 car
Junction location Entering roundabout
Left carriageway? Straight ahead at junction
1st point of impact Front
Hit object? Tree
Severity Class Sex Age Detail
1 fatal passenger male 74
2 serious driver or rider female 67