In Collision With


When 2016-01-14 11:12:00
Police attended? yes
Solar elevation 15° (day)
Light conditions Daylight
Weather Fine no high winds
Road type Single carriageway
Pedestrian crossing (human)? None within 50 metres
Junction? Private drive or entrance
Give way or uncontrolled
Severity fatal
Involved 1 vehicle, and 1 casualty
Carriageway hazards None
Special conditions at site None
Speed limit 20 mph
Pedestrian crossing (physical)? No physical crossing facilities within 50 metres
Type Detail People
1 van or goods vehicle (3.5t mgw or under)
Location Footway (pavement)
Junction location Approaching junction or waiting/parked at junction approach
Manoeuvre Reversing
1st point of impact Back
Severity Class Sex Age Detail
uninjured driver or rider female 49
1 fatal pedestrian female 86
Pedestrian location On footway or verge
Pedestrian movement Unknown or other